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The King James Bible in mp3 audio
Customized for use as a Bible Study Aid with
Thru the Bible MP3 Commentaries by Dr. J Vernon McGee
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Joshua 1:8

Welcome to the Thru the Bible's rendition of the King James Bible, where you can download the audio Bible in mp3 format, for free. This KJV narration is voice only and is read at a slower pace. This complete KJV Bible recording can be legally copied and given to others. Please copy and give away. Start your ministry today!

"Because the Bible should be studied with the Bible in hand." While we love Dr. McGee's Bible Studies, he is still only human. Only the Bible is the final authority, and it must be kept close at hand during any Bible study. Dr. McGee originally intended the listeners of his five year Thru the Bible series to have their Bibles open in front of them while they listened to the broadcast. Many of us these days cannot have the actual text in front of us as we may be driving or otherwise engaged while we listen. For this reason, this site enables you to listen to the audio of chapter of scripture being expounded on just prior to hearing his comments on that same chapter.

We have renamed the file names to enable these files to be inserted amongst Dr. McGee's commentaries. They are organized numerically so that you can listen to the scripture reading of each chapter prior to the commentary on that chapter. In order for this to work, you must copy these scripture readings into the same folder as Dr. McGee's commentary on that particular book of the Bible. They will automatically sort themselves out alphabetically placing each Bible reading just ahead of Dr. McGee's commentary on that chapter enabling you to listen to the actual scripture reading just prior to Dr. McGee's commentary on each chapter.

Don't forget, you will need to download download the scripture reading first, and then download Dr. McGee's commentaries. After this, you can unzip and combine these two sets of files into one folder and start listening.

Free Downloads:
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(1)Download KJV zipped file > Extract zipped files (2)Download TTB zipped file > Extract > (3)Copy extracted KJV files into Dr. McGee's commentary on that book >
(4)Then listen
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High-speed users may download the entire KJV Bible in just four zipped files

Individual Books and Commentaries:
(These audio files may be copied to give away to others)
KJV Bible
in MP3 audio
Thru The Bible
with Dr. J. Vernon McGee
Download complete book in one Zip file
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Notes & Outlines from Dr. McGee (pdf)
(also from
Guidelines Commentary
48.5 MB (Introduction)
Download ZIP 53.9 MB
Commentary 259 MB
Download ZIP 44.9 MB
Commentary 161 MB
Download ZIP 33.7 MB
Commentary 144 MB
Download ZIP 46.5 MB
Commentary 82.6 MB
Download ZIP 39.0 MB
Commentary 90.5 MB
Download ZIP 27.1 MB
Commentary 58.3 MB
Download ZIP 26.6 MB
Commentary 49.4 MB
(combined with Joshua)
Download ZIP 3.87 MB
Commentary 28.8 MB
1 Samuel
Download ZIP 34.7 MB
Commentary 75.2 MB
2 Samuel
Download ZIP 29.4 MB
Commentary 62.6 MB
1 Kings
Download ZIP 34.1 MB
Commentary 59.1 MB
2 Kings
Download ZIP 32.7 MB
Commentary 65.0 MB
1 Chronicles
Download ZIP 32.5 MB
Commentary 51.8 MB
2 Chronicles
Download ZIP 37.7 MB
Commentary 73.6 MB
Download ZIP 11.3 MB
Commentary 29.7 MB
Download ZIP 15.6 MB
Commentary 51.2 MB
Download ZIP 8.46 MB
Commentary 42.9 MB
Download ZIP 27.7 MB
Commentary 97.2 MB
Download ZIP 68.3 MB
Commentary 240 MB
Download ZIP 24.1 MB
Commentary 138 MB
Download ZIP 8.44 MB
Commentary 50.5 MB
Song of Solomon
Download ZIP 3.90 MB
Commentary 53.8 MB
Download ZIP 55.0 MB
Commentary 211 MB
Download ZIP 60.3 MB
Commentary 90.9 MB
Download ZIP 5.22 MB
Commentary 14.7 MB
Download ZIP 54.5 MB
Commentary 105 MB
Download ZIP 16.9 MB
Commentary 119 MB
Download ZIP 7.98 MB
Commentary 63.8 MB
Download ZIP 3.35 MB
Commentary 32.8 MB
Download ZIP 6.34 MB
Commentary 60.4 MB
Download ZIP 1.10 MB
Commentary 20.5 MB
Download ZIP 2.02 MB
Commentary 32.8 MB
Download ZIP 4.74 MB
Commentary 45.3 MB
Download ZIP 2.01 MB
Commentary 32.4 MB
Download ZIP 2.29 MB
Commentary 39.8 MB
Download ZIP 2.45 MB
Commentary 27.8 MB
Download ZIP 1.65 MB
Commentary 33.6 MB
Download ZIP 9.26 MB
Commentary 133 MB
Download ZIP 2.65 MB
Commentary 59.2 MB
Download ZIP 34.8 MB
Commentary 178 MB
Download ZIP 22.2 MB
Commentary 90.3 MB
Download ZIP 36.0 MB
Commentary 134 MB
Download ZIP 26.2 MB
Commentary 178 MB
Download ZIP 34.0 MB
Commentary 155 MB
Download ZIP 14.3 MB
Commentary 163 MB
1 Corinthians
Download ZIP 15.1 MB
Commentary 107 MB
2 Corinthians
Download ZIP 9.17 MB
Commentary 83.2 MB
Download ZIP 4.91 MB
Commentary 83.1 MB
Download ZIP 4.69 MB
Commentary 124 MB
Download ZIP 3.38 MB
Commentary 74.5 MB
Download ZIP 3.36 MB
Commentary 48.0 MB
1 Thessalonians
Download ZIP 2.88 MB
Commentary 59.3 MB
2 Thessalonians
Download ZIP 1.54 MB
Commentary 25.6 MB
1 Timothy
Download ZIP 3.58 MB
Commentary 50.8 MB
2 Timothy
Download ZIP 2.64 MB
Commentary 34.1 MB
Download ZIP 1.46 MB
Commentary 19.7 MB
Commentary 4.49 MB
Download ZIP 10.8 MB
Commentary 173 MB
Download ZIP 3.52 MB
Commentary 67.4 MB
1 Peter
Download ZIP 3.83 MB
Commentary 60.6 MB
2 Peter
Download ZIP 2.48 MB
Commentary 54.9 MB
1 John
Download ZIP 3.60 MB
Commentary 101 MB
2 John
Commentary 19.2 MB
3 John
Commentary 15.1 MB
Download ZIP 1.08 MB
Commentary 48.1 MB
Download ZIP 17.6 MB
Commentary 281 MB

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This audio Bible is produced by Audio Scriptures International. Below you will find the transcript of their copyright audio tag:

"Thank you for listening to this recording of the King James Bible produced by Audio Scriptures International. Audio Scriptures International believes it is more important to spread the Word of God than to make a large profit. Please feel free to make copies of these recordings and distribute them freely so long as you adhere to the following guidelines:

1. You may not charge any more than the cost to duplicate and send them.
2. You must make a complete copy of the recording, including this message.

For commercial and fund raising distribution, please contact Audio Scriptures International for additional information."

The Bible contains a total of 1189 chapters.
The total size of all files in this KJV audio Bible comes to 1.16 GB.
The total reading time for this entire KJV Audio Bible is 85 hours, 9 minutes.
The narrator is a retired minister from California named Dan Wagner. The recording was made in 1999. Home | | | mp3 downloads
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